Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Construction Zones

I have been known to have overlapping "projects" around the house. With the completion of my stained glass window, one of them is officially done. The complete remodel of our half bath is now complete......

We replaced the old floor tile with the new tile pictured and added some wall tile. The other 3 walls and ceiling are Venetian plaster. We added all new fixtures and even replaced the door. The final touch was the stained glass

This is my first stained glass window project and the beauty of stained glass is that it is very forgiving. You do not have to be perfect for something to look pretty nice. I am very happy with it and can't wait to get started on my next work....but first I better get done with the stairs/hallway.

The hardwood floors and bannister is installed, but the new stairs with tile risers still need to be installed and all the base trim and crown molding too....and the really fun part...4 new doors. Installing those and staining them is not my favorite thing!

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3sportfitness said...

Oh WOW! Very, very nice! And the stained glass knocks it out of the park. Great work Doug!