Monday, March 31, 2008

Baseball and Stained Glass

I know, baseball season has already started....there was a game last night and one in Japan a few days ago....but today is the real start. The Royals open in Detroit at 12:05 and for the first time since....oh about 1994 (the strike derailed a solid team that year, I believe), the Royals seem to be making the right decisions and heading in the right direction. We may not see many October games again this year, but hopefully we will at least see some meaningful September games.....I would be happy with meaningful August or July games and hopefully having the season highlight NOT being who we get at the annual trade deadline sell off. We will see....I have almost forgotten now what it was like to expect something other than "I hope we don't lose 100 this year" or "maybe we can get to .500." Kim and I will be out at the home opener next week....hopefully by then there will be some excitement built up.
I finish my first stained glass window project tonight. It is virtually done now. I have to smooth out some of the lead lines and put a zinc frame around it and then mount it in the window. It is a octagon shaped window in the bathroom and I held it up there to see what it looked like....I am going to love it. There is another octagon window above the garage and I have already started on a stained glass window for it.....have the pattern designed....this one will be more pieces and tougher, but it is worth all the work. I will try to post a picture of it once it is in place.

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