Thursday, July 17, 2008

A New Front Door and Diaper Rash

We had a new front entry door installed today and I really like it......a huge improvement over the old white steel generic one. The installer busted up some of the stucco around the door so I will be repairing that and trying to find a stucco paint that matches the old stuff. I installed the door hardware after work and then it was off to the Thursday night run. I was planning a nice easy run, but that just didn't happen.....ended up running in the 8's (thanks Jenny)....planned on running a nice easy pace of around 10 min/mile after 800m repeats and hill work earlier this week. I was soaked. We went into
The Other Place and had a bit to eat and I was sitting in a big pool of sweat.....after dinner, we had to go to Home Depot and buy the stucco patch and some door related stuff to finish up. We were walking the aisles and any skin that was in contact with my shorts, started itching.....big time. After finally getting home, I found I had a case of horrible brutal diaper rash.....the stuff is worse than poison ivy.....seems to be going away a lot quicker though!


Kim said...

Thanks for all your hard work around the house. It is looking absolutely amazing. You should be very proud of all the work you've done-it looks great!

As far as your diaper rash-I know it was itchy-but it was soooo funny to see you in Home Depot! You are a mess! Luvs...K

jenny said...

Sorry about the diaper rash Doug.... no... really. I sincerely mean that.

BTW: that door is beautiful.

Doug said...

The diaper rash was bad but it was fun playing it up in public. Kim loves it when I do stuff like that.