Monday, May 5, 2008

Tough Race

I am sore today. I have not felt as bad after a race as I did after this one in a long time. I think a combination of the altitude and having a cold took its toll. I ran well for the first 14 miles or so but I knew it wasn't my day well before then, but I went out hoping I could run through it. The stomach cramps started around the halfway point and once that started, my goal changed to just finishing below 5 hours, which I did....4:55:57. The course was beautiful. It followed the Poudre River down the canyon and into Fort Collins. It was downhill and a bit steeper than I expected and I just knew the quads would be screaming later in the race.

....about mile 3
I hit the 1/2 at about 2:04, but I felt like I had already run much further than that. I spent the last 10 or 11 miles in run/walk mode.
Fort Collins is a college town (Colorado State), a lot like Lawrence. They even have a street that looks much like Mass Street. It is also the home of O'Dell and New Belgium breweries. Kim, Steve, Steff and I went there for a self-tour and some of us did a little sampling also.

Overall, it was good marathon, but I don't think it is one I would come back to do. I think the altitude had more of an effect on me than I expected and this one started pretty high in the canyon. Next up....Wyoming which is less than an hour away from this one, and supposedly much tougher.....


jenny said...

Congratulations Doug for sucking it up and running through it! Running downhill is a hell of a lot harder than what people think - You made it under 5:00 and in the altitude that you aren't acclimated to - that is an awesome job.

KC Stine said...

Doug, I had the same type problems in Idaho last year. A great job nonetheless. I love Ft Collins, will have to put this race on my list.