Friday, May 2, 2008

Fort Collins

This weekend is the Colorado Marathon. Kim, Steff and I fly out tonight and head to Denver with a short drive north to Fort Collins. This is my target race for the Spring so I hope to run well, though I don't have a specific time I am shooting for....I plan on just starting out in the 9 - 9:15 range and see where that takes me. The course has a -0.8% average decline so it should be a nice downhill run. It is slightly more of decline the first 18 miles and then levels out a bit. A lot will depend on the weather and how I deal with the altitude. I also am getting a cold, but hopefully it is peaking and will be gone by Sunday. A tour of the brewery and hopefully some Fat Tire samples are on the agenda for Saturday which is the perfect cure for any cold......

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