Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A New Trail

There is a new trail being built down the street from our house. They have started excavating the path, but have not paved it yet. I really hope it is asphalt. We took our boxer, Molly, and our neighbor's boxer, Harley, down the dirt path and followed it from our neighborhood to see where it went. We followed it for about a mile as it wrapped behind some new commercial development and along the backside of Ernie Miller Park. We stopped at a muddy section and turned back, but it looks like it will easily be long enough to get a 3 mile run in and probably much more. We covered about 2.25 miles on the walk....Molly slept like a rock last night and I am guessing Harley did too.

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KC Stine said...

Doug, this is the trail you mentioned.


It's close to my house too, so I'm looking forward to the completion.

BTW, we have a boxer too, great dogs. I still would like to get together for some trail runs, let me know when you go out to SMP or Wyco. I signed up for summer pyscho so I need to work out there too.