Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bass Pro Shop Marathon

Marathon number 80 is was in Springfield, Mo, so no new state. This was the same race I did not finish last year after my ankle swelled up and I was not able to put any weight on it....dropped at 18 miles or so. I had to hang around at the finish line and see all those cool bass medals being handed out. So this year, I went back to get my own. I completed it two years ago, but the medal was not all that great...I needed the big bass. The weather for this race has been perfect all 3 years. The course is mostly flat with a few rollers here and there and a lot of miles out on the Ozark Greenway. A nice dry fit shirt and hat are included in the bling also. It is very well done and I would recommend it highly.

Kim finishing the race.

The bass medal.....

I also was able to buy a 55 gallon stainless steel drum while I was in Springfield for the wine cellar....these things are expensive and I was able to find it used and grabbed it while I was in town...

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RunToTheFinish said...

Goodness you people and your weekly marathons and repeating states that's just blasphemy. :)

looks like the weather was great!! Hope that is the case in Vegas!