Monday, September 1, 2008

Heart Of America Marathon

....this is one tough marathon, but for the 25.00 entry fee, you cannot expect a lot. It is hot, humid, and hilly and the water stops early on are way too far apart....but I knew this from running it several years ago, so we just dealt with it by going much slower and taking it easy. My shoes were filling up with sweat at the first mile marker, which I reached at 6:10 AM. I just signed up for Elite Racing's Rock-n-Roll San Antonio last night and it was 100.00. For this, Elite promises you a band every mile, in the HOA Marathon, you get at least one dead opossum, each at various stages of decay, every mile. Your entry fee also gets you some of the best trained horse flies anywhere. I think I had one for a running buddy for 8 miles. The temps reached the low 90's by the time we finished. This is one of the most challenging marathons I have ever done.

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Kim said...

We also had an endless supply of frog legs, deer and racoon. Along with that nudy magazine that was found on the side of the road. We were in Hillbilly Heaven.