Saturday, August 9, 2008

Psyco Night 10K Trail Run

Kim and I ran a 10K trail race Friday night. It started after 8 pm, so it was starting to get dark at the start. Trail running is a lot of fun....kind of changes things up a bit and is much tougher.....night trail running just increases both of those differences. The headlamp lights up the trail, but depth perception and shadows make it tough. We went into this assuming it would be dry....not a good assumption. I lost both of my shoes in calf deep mud......nothing like walking in deep mud in your socks looking for your shoes....I knew it would be hilly, but wow...I have run Shawnee Mission Park's MTB trails, but those aren't even close. There were many areas where I could only power walk because of the loose rocks and ruts.
I came cruising in at about 1 hour and 17 minutes.

Kim finishing a few minutes later....
Trail nerd Cheri and Race Director and fellow trail nerd, Ben....
Kim finally was able to meet trail nerd and fellow blogger Coleen, aka Cynical Mud Babe.
....and most importantly, RD Ben's home-brewed recovery drink....very good.

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Sam said...

That sounds about right! If it was you, thank you for leading me through the triangle! See you on the trails.