Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beach Sand Display

We were vacationing in Bermuda a couple of years ago and while we were at Horseshoe Beach, we were looking at the pink sand and came up with the idea to take samples home from different beaches we visit and somehow display them alongside each other. We have collected sand now from Greece, OBX, Miami Beach, and Bermuda and those samples have been sitting around in plastic soda bottles.
We located some corked bottles that we thought would work well from Specialty Bottles.
I had planned on making a stand for the bottles, but we were looking around in Olathe Glass and spotted something that we knew would be perfect........
This is a candle holder made from a retired oak wine barrel stave.
Finally, we etched the beach location onto the glass for each sand sample. The 5th sample will be ready in January......the Bahamas.

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