Saturday, February 14, 2009

Southern Comfort

I am making my own whiskey.....haven't done this before, so we will see how it goes. I am starting out with a 3L batch, mainly because I have a 3L barrel. It should be done in 2-4 weeks. The ethanol is now in the barrel aging with the sugar and other flavorings. It smells really good!


Adam said...

So many questions as I have been on a wiskey kick lately.... Did you buy a kit or use some of your other brew gear? Doesn't normal wiskey age like 10 years?

Doug said...

I bought the barrel and the flavorings for the whiskey from a company. I don't think whiskey ages anywhere near that long....the life of a barrel is about 8 years and I don't think they go anywhere near that.

RunToFinish said...

ok I mean this in all seriousness.. I love my husband, but can't get him motivated to take on any hobbies except Tv...any advice? Or have you always just been so crafty and a go getter, I mean Kim can't say enough about how much you do. :)

how's the achilles doing?

Doug said...

My achilles is getting better. I had to cut my 12 short because I could tell it was not going to hold up, but nipped it in time that it was not sore....hopefully I can get a full set of 800's in on Tuesday.
No idea on the husband front...I wasn't always "crafty" started in my late 20's or so. A lot of it is just not being afraid to try something new.