Monday, June 2, 2008

San Diego

I am approaching 1 year as as a coach for TNT. One thing I have found during this time is that I get caught up in the details of the day-to-day training minutiae that I stray from the reasons I am really here. Then, there is always someone you meet that brings you right back into focus. On this team we were fortunate enough to have Molly and her family. She lost her sister, Yona, last November. It was an honor to have all of you there and to be part of your weekend......the bibs say it all.......


I wanted this to be my first of the race will follow later this week.


jenny said...

You are so right - it brings everything back into focus... to keep pushing hard until we find a cure.

Kim said...

So So True. What a great team.

KC Stine said...

Doug, my congrats to you and Kim on not only San Diego, but all the marathons and halfs you've done recently. You guys are just running machines, I'm quite impressed.

Keep up all that great work you do with TNT also, you should be proud of the work you do for that organization.

Hope to meet up with you guys ona run one of these days.